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Eco Lago: The Forever Pool

Though nothing lasts forever, the Eco Lago pool is the closest you will ever get. That is why we call it "the forever pool". What makes the Eco Lago so different from other types of pools?

  • The interior of the pool (on top of the gunite structure) is made up of a product called RokEmboss. It gives the pool a more natural look and actually looks like real rock. We have used this material on countles commercial applications over the years and are now offering it to the residential market. We created the product, so you will not find anything like it anywhere else!
  • The Eco Lago is monolithic. Normal tile, coping, pool interiors and decks are 4 different materials with grout joints. With the Eco Lago, there is one material (RokEmboss) and no grout joints, ugly plastic or wood.
  • Longer warranty - RokEmboss has a 7 year structural, 25+ life expectancy.
  • We have in-house trained artisans allowing installation time to be reduced up to 50%.
  • Fully customizable
  • Energy saving design
  • Low maintenance and salt resistant